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After much back and forth and deliberation, I have finally decided to take the plunge into the photography business. I am excited about the projects that I am currently working on and hope that I can carve out a business for myself that is both unique and fun.

I began my journey in photography back in 1988 as a freshman at Noble and Greenough School. The darkroom was such a magical place for me. I loved the chemical smell of creativity mixed with that late 80’s early 90’s music that played dimly in the background as I developed roll after roll of black and white film. My career in photography continued all through Nobles and in to college where I was the photo editor of the Spectator (the weekly newspaper of Hamilton College). After college, I began my career working for a graphic design company. For a year, I tirelessly answered phones, filed invoices and edited type. Working in this creative environment fueled my creative needs, but did not, however, feed my bank account. I left the world of creativity for a career in IT recruiting. It was fast paced and lucrative and most of all, I was good at it.  I moved from recruiting to marriage and a stint overseas in Australia as an expat. From there I launched straight into babies, and managed to acquire my first digital camera back in 2000. For 10 years, I stuck with the point and shoots – documenting life’s moments on auto with no particular focus on composition or exposure. Being an early adopter of technology, I moved to the iPhone with the release of the 3G in 2008 and left my point and shoot cameras behind.

In early 2012, I caught on to Instagram and finally, quite suddenly, my passion for photography resurfaced. I snapped creative photos with my iPhone and published them on the fly. I quickly realized that the iPhone would not be enough for me. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to China and I really wanted to capture the details. I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to leap into the DSLR (big girl camera) world, so I bought a Canon G1x (kind of a cross between a point and shoot and a DSLR). I traveled in China with my camera and captured everything along the way, but the G1x seemed too limiting for me. I wanted more from a camera. In late 2012 I travelled to Barcelona. I was thrilled to be able to borrow an amazing DSLR from some photographer friends. What a gift. I was able to travel with a camera and see if it suited my needs. The images I was able to capture were amazing. I was hooked. I was fortunate enough to receive a Canon 6D for Christmas and I have been shooting like mad ever since.

My passion has always been street photography – capturing life as it happens. I love to travel and there is no better way to see the world then through the lens of a camera. Over the past several months, I have forced myself to capture the life around me here at home. I have learned to adore photographing dogs (my two french bulldogs in particular), kids, architecture, design, and  landscapes. No matter what my subject is, I tend to focus on the details. I have found so much beauty in every day life and my goal is to capture it and share it with others.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my images or would like to schedule a shoot!



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