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Every Day Quick Makeup Tutorial

I’m BACK! After a several month break from blogging, I am back with a video. I posted this on my Instagram stories yesterday & so many of my followers asked me for the details that I have uploaded it and tagged all of the products for you here!

I have spoken over and over about the importance of skincare and sunblock – and this video is no different. The foundation for glowing skin comes from a consistent skincare routine. I am still very committed to my Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen. I have been using it for over a year now and my skin continues to glow and I have not had any recurrence of malasma.


So here’s what my quick daily routine looks like:

  1. Some days I cleanse and tone and all that jazz and other days I skip it if I am running out the door and know that I’ll shower when I get back – but the one thing I ALWAYS do is apply SUNBLOCK. The trick to getting out the door with a quick glow is to add some shimmer enhancement drops to your sunblock! I have several different brands that I use, but the one I am loving the most right now is THIS in the color Moonlight. Other ones I use and love are THIS ONE in Topaz for a more bronzed look, and THIS ONE in Champagne for a bit more of a glow. Add a few drops to your sunblock rub together to combine and apply all over face & neck!
  2. Time to get rid of the under eye bags and create that well rested look that we all aim to achieve. For that I apply THIS TRIED AND TRUE product and then layer on THIS UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER – because this night owl needs all the help she can get.
  3. While the eye creams dry and set, swipe on some LUMINOUS BRONZER for some color – or for a more matte look, I love THIS DRUGSTORE BRONZER.
  4. Next I add my concealer – because we can’t leave the house without looking as bright and alert as physically possible. I am still stuck on this KKW BEAUTY LIQUID CONCEALER.  I use #4. I find it blends best with a beauty blender sponge but you can also use your finger.
  5. This is where there’s a little bit of a divide – if you are fancy you can contour, but if you think I am cray, then skip ahead to the next step!! For a quick contour, I am partial to THIS LITTLE PALETTE – I have been using it for a few years. It’s small and easy. Refer to the video for technique on this one.
  6. Swipe on some BLUSH!
  7. Then a little mascara – THIS is the only mascara worthy of promotion. I have been using it for about 7 or 8 years and have tried others. Nothing compares. This comes off in little tubes with warm water. Zero smudge & no makeup remover needed.
  8. Lastly a little lip! In this video I used one of the colors from THIS COLLECTION, but this is my GO TO GLOSS!
  9. DONE.