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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

If you are viewing this on your phone…the items are all linked via the words in ALL CAPS below!

1. I absolutely love my INITIAL CHARM NECKLACE. This is the perfect price point and you can add each of your kids’ initials for mom. I have worked with Jennifer Tuton, the designer in the past. I shot her headshots while out in California. She is super talented and as you know, I love supporting other female business owners!

2. If there is only one hair tool to own, this is it. You can even air dry your hair and make it fab with this STYLING WAND. This WAND is legit and curls last for days on end without any styling products. If you have been watching my stories on INSTAGRAM, you will know that it’s my go to day after day.

3. THIS DESIGN BOOK by Orlando Soria is everything. It might be the only design and decor book she will ever read word for word. It reads like a hilarious memoir and includes tips like “don’t hang your curtains too fucking high” and “inviting a Gay over to a naked-windowed home is a crime in 48 states…” Not only will it look beautiful on your coffee table, it will crack mom up and help her Get it Together with her decor!

4. I bought this CASHMERE TRAVEL SCARF back in March. I had been thinking about this purchase for so long. Let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. Nothing says “happy mother’s day” like a massive pile of cashmere. She will die. It’s perfect for long flights, cool summer nights, or chilly winter days. Truly a 365 staple.

5. These RETRO LEOPARD ADIDAS are legit to die for. Bring mom back to her roots with these show stoppers. I got sucked into a pre-order via an Instagram ad in my feed, and I can tell you, the gram didn’t disappoint. They are beyond comfortable and are over the top on style points.

6. Shameless plug, but I can tell you first hand that your moms/wives love framed art. So many of them have one of my FRAMED PRINTS on their wish list. It’s the perfect gift to get your house looking and feeling like summer!

7. I have said it before & I’ll say it again….there isn’t a mom on the planet who doesn’t need an INSULATED COFFEE MUG. I brew my coffee at 8am every single day right into this MUG and it is still piping hot at 11am. Moms are busy. Moms are distracted. I feel like 99% of mom memes out there are about drinking cold coffee, am I right? Hook her up with a Yeti mug so that when she misplaces her coffee at 9am and doesn’t relocate it until 11, it’s still hot! It’s a home run.

8.COFFEE. See the theme? There’s a theme here. I absolutely love this MEDIUM BLEND COFFEE and I found it for you on Overstock! Bonus!

9. Taking a slight detour from the coffee theme for a moment and just think about it. GUCCI SUNGLASSES. Need I say more? Your teens are obsessed with Gucci, imagine the street cred mom will have rolling up to the sidelines in her Gucci shades?

10. Aaaaaaand we are back on coffee. This COFFEE MAKER is the legit bomb. It will save you millions if you get her brewing her own coffee. I know I know, you have a Keurig and a Nespresso already. I get it. We do, too – but this is 1000x better. I would’t kid around. I take my coffee so seriously. It’s not even funny. This machine has single cup, XL cup, travel mug size (see #7 above) as well as an iced coffee brew setting – because who wants watery iced coffee? Not me.

11. These PLATFORM ESPADRILLES are sooo comfy. The perfect spring casual sandal. They go great with pretty much everything and the price is bueno!

12. I am loving the fact that the STRAW MARKET BAG is having a moment right now. THIS ONE is a work horse transitioning from farmer’s market, to beach, to pool to the city! I’m kind of thinking that she needs this bag stuffed with some other things like the insulate mug and the coffee. I’m just thinking out loud here.

13. Now this is a total splurge – but what to get for the mom who has it all AND has thick long hair?? THIS HAIR DRYER. I don’t own it yet. But it’s high on my list. Always waiting for mom to finish getting ready because it takes her 20 min to dry those locks??? This is your solution. This baby dries thick long hair in minutes. It’s basically got a jet engine in there. I’m telling you….she want’s this baby and she has yet to figure out how to bury the expense….just a hunch.

Some other ideas to consider….I always love an experience gift. Book it for her. Take care of the kids. Get a sitter. Plan the day. It can be something like a facial at your local spa, a full spa day, a vampire facial (see my instagram highlights the results are INSANE), a massage, mani/pedi, etc. Take her shopping! Plan a day in the city. Take her to brunch and swing by her local boutique and let her go to town. The key to all of this is PLAN IT. We are so sick of being the family cruise director that the biggest treat in the world is to wake up and not have to think about what the plan is! Make the damn plan. Take care of it all. Every last detail. Because that is what we do all day every freaking day and it’s exhausting. I’m pretty sure she would be happy with whatever you gave her as long as she didn’t have to plan it. That’s just my 2 cents. But what do I know? I have only been a mom for 17 years.