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Give the Gift of Skincare

**This post is not in any way sponsored. I do not sell these products and your purchase of any of these products in no way benefits me….

I have always been one to take care of my skin, but around my 30th birthday, I decided that my skin was a priority. I got regular facials, used a high end skin care regime that included retinol as well as peptides and serums. With each pregnancy, I got more and more melasma ¬†also known as pregnancy mask. My skin tone was so uneven that I really couldn’t leave the house without at least tinted moisturizer. Even to the gym. I was so self conscious about my discolored skin. It was always on my mind. This summer, I reluctantly decided to try Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening regimen. I was convinced that nothing would help my melasma – and since I was already dumping a ton of money into high end skin care as well as getting chemical peels etc, I was confident that nothing would work.

Fast forward to early September when my 70 year old father, who typically wouldn’t notice a new haircut even if I shaved my head (no exxageration), asked me what I was doing to my skin. He said it looked incredible! He was not the first or the last person to notice and comment on my new radiant skin, but he was the one who made me realize that yes. This skincare is the real deal.

So I took before photos to prove to the world that nothing could make my melasma go away – since there was an empty bottle money back guarantee, I wanted to be sure to document the fact that the skin care wasn’t working…obviously the before photos are on the left. In ¬†addition to my skin tone, you will notice the lashes. I also bit the bullet and tried the Lash Serum. The one thing I will say is that I followed the program to a T. I never skipped a morning or a night (still haven’t). So these results are from using the products exactly as prescribed. My advice would be that if you are going to invest, you need to actually use the products in the order that they recommend – I’m only saying this bc I am usually one to use products however the heck I want – and never following instructions – the only reason I followed this was bc I wanted to prove that it wouldn’t work. Ironic, isn’t it??

All before photos were taken before I started, the after photos were taken just before the 90 day mark.

Below I have my picks for a skincare gift guide:

ONE: Reverse Lightening Regimen – this is what I used to rid myself of my melasma. If your skin is discolored or you have sun spots, this is for you! If you don’t have a major discoloration situation, but your skin is feeling dull and could use some brightening up, there is also a Reverse Brightening Regimen worth trying. This is what I have used to maintain my complexion.

TWO: Active Hydration Serum. I use this several times a week at night. My kids also use it in combo with the Unblemish Regimen to avoid dry skin.

THREE: Lash Serum. See the last before and after image above. It’s insane. I know I recommended mascara in a previous gift guide, but the reality is that I don’t even need it! I swipe this serum over each upper last line nightly, and BAM! Look at those lashes. I don’t know how the heck it works, but all I know is that I don’t want to stop!

FOUR: Bright Eye Complex. This is a newer product that I have been using for about a month. All I know is that when I put it below my eyes, it immediately makes me go from looking exhausted and like I was just punched in the face to looking bright eyed, alert and fresh. Magic.

FIVE: Lip Renewing Serum. This stuff is magic. Just ask Ollie. He steals the little capsules from me on a nightly basis. I use one capsule nightly before bed. So good.

SIX: Redefine Regimen. Includes an anti aging mask etc. I am more of a Reverse Lightening girl, but I can tell you that if your complexion is generally good, but anti-aging is your concern, this is for you.

SEVEN: Unblemish Regimen – perfect for teens or adults with acne. My boys don’t have acne, per se, but they do break out. This has helped them enormously to maintain a clean blemish free face.

EIGHT: Redefine Eye Cream – I have never been a consistent user of eye cream, but since everything else worked, I figured this would, too! Anything to help the anti-aging game.