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Gift Guide 2017 – Teen Boys

Here we go… the teen boy gift guide! I have 3 boys 2 teens and a tween. They are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for – which is why we do a trip at the holidays rather than gifts, but that’s an entirely different blog post…

These are sure wins in our house. If you are viewing this on your phone, be sure to click on the numbered text below the image for the corresponding link.

ONE: DJI mini drone. If you have a techy boy who is interested in photography, cinematography, or just flying $hit through the air, this is a great gift. Probably not for the irresponsible type, but this is at the top of Ollie’s list.

TWO: Patagonia sweatshirt. All my kids love Patagonia right now. I kind of feel like its a throw back to Christmas 1988 with their longing for fleece – but these sweatshirts are great. Perfect weight. They are well loved over here.

THREE: Patagonia trucker hat. Very much in style with the suburban set. I’m just happy they will wear a hat while out on the boat all day. They love this trucker hat. For the fishing enthusiast, there is THIS ONE, too.

FOUR: The Tile App. Perfect for the teen who is constantly losing their wallet or keys. With the Tile App, they can instantly locate their belongings. Makes that Gucci wallet they want (see below) almost worth it. If you have multiple bone heads, there THIS MULTIPACK. I could get the 4 pack and put one in each stocking including the husband.

FIVE: Portable charger. Never again will you have to even entertain the response “sorry I didn’t respond, mom, my phone was dead.” So maybe most of my ideas are more for my own sanity – but I think I can spin them, right?

SIX: R&F Unblemish Regimen. I posted about this in my skin care gift guide – but we have had great luck with these products. Giving the gift of clean and clear skin is kind of a dream.

SEVEN: Chin up bar. This may sound like a weird one, but teen age boys love to work on their bods. It’s true. Try not to think about it. Just give them what they want. It won’t wreck your moldings. I swear.

EIGHT: Gucci wallet – ok this might sound extreme and extravegant – but all 3 of my kids have one. They LOVE THEM. Teen age boys love designer brands. Gucci is all the rage. A wallet is not a temporary gift. As long as they don’t lose it (see The Tile App above) they will have it forever. It’s a cool gift. They will love you for it.

NINE: Gucci Slides – again with the Gucci thing. They love them, what can I say? Mine don’t have them – but the idea has been heavily thrown around. They have searched online and have deliberated buying them over and over again.

TEN: Game tickets! I truly believe in giving the gift of an experience. In my opinion, there’s no better gift than the gift of time together as a family. We love to go to Boston sports games together as a family. Sure they would in theory rather just go with a friend, but guess what? They love being with you, too.

ELEVEN: Patagonia better sweater zip through. Good for teens and dads alike – it’s basically a fancy fleece. I’d put it in the dress up category – but they still think its a fleece.

TWELVE: Hurley Phantom sandals. These have the Nike air technology. They are super comfy and durable. Perfect for summer or an upcoming vacation!

THIRTEEN: GoPro Hero Session. Another good one for kids who like to produce their own content. Great for aspiring YouTubers, athletes, and creative kids. Giving a kid a camera is one of the best things you can do to spark their creativity!

FOURTEEN: Yeezy socks. I don’t think they need any more of a sell.

FIFTEEN: Patagonia better sweater 3/4 zip. Just an even fancier version of the one above.

SIXTEEN: Bluetooth wireless waterproof and shock proof speaker. Great for their room, the basketball court or on the boat. They need their gangsta wrap. Give them what they want.

SEVENTEEN: Turtle Beach gaming headset. I could go on and on about the social benefits of a gaming headset for boys – but I’ll spare you. However what I have witnessed from having 2 teen boys so close in age who love their gaming, playing online with friends (and each other) is ¬†one of their only social outlets. The gear is essential. I feel like we are constantly needing new gaming headsets. They wear them out!

EIGHTEEN: Adidas Ultra Boost. These are the it sneaker for my kids right now. They all have a pair. They love them.