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Gift Guide 2017 – Men

The toughest of all the gift guides. MEN. They are so hard to buy for. Here are a few of my ideas…

ONE: Bose wireless bluetooth headphones. For working out, listening to podcasts or even watching his and hers netflix on iPads in bed, wireless bluetooth headphones are a win.

TWO: Shades. Love these Raybans. A slightly more modern take on the aviator.

THREE: Designer denim. Theres nothing worse than the dad look, can we agree on that? In my opinion, the hardest thing for the 40 something set of dads is denim. They grew up in the Levis generation (and those are back – so we can give them that) – but I feel like they went from Levis in high school to Gap in college and then never really moved on from there. Throw your guy a bone, and outfit him in some nice designer denim. These basics from Joe’s Jeans are a great entry into the world of designer jeans. Not overwhelmingly trendy, but just a little more refined.

FOUR: NFL beanie. Help your guy support his team and look cute all at the same time.

FIVE: Better Sweater zip through. Pair this with his new designer denim and he is good to go for the weekend!

SIX: Yeti 20 oz cup. I know Yeti is all the rage and super pricey, but this $30 cup will keep his coffee warm all day. Send him off in the am with it filled to the brim and save $10/day on Starbucks!

SEVEN: Yeti cooler. Kind of a gift for him, but also a gift for you. Great for parties, transporting food for travel, beach days or on the boat. This cooler is pretty much a portable fridge.

EIGHT: Suede Chukka Boots. Again, upping this weekend style game. Love these for a casual work day or out and about on the weekend.

NINE: Lutron Caseta wireless smart lighting. Control your your lights from your phone! Smart homes are where it’s at. If he can control it from his phone, then he can’t nag you or the kids for leaving the lights on!

TEN: Sonos. Again with the smart home – but these little speakers pump out some amazing sound. You can put them in multiple rooms and group them together to get surround sound and consistent music throughout your house. Remember when we used to spend thousands on a receiver and then needed a CD player and speakers??? This is all that in one little speaker for a fraction of the price. It’s time to upgrade.

ELEVEN: Patagonia trucker hat. So he can be twinning with your teens.

TWELVE: Patagonia down sweater zip through. Again a great piece for the weekend. Perfect for him to wear while running around knocking things off his honey do list.

THIRTEEN: Nest smart thermostat. Easy to install & cost effective. Control the temp of your house from your phone. Again – saving on utilities in the long run!