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Jumpstart your living space with these easy & cost effective style tips…

Just over a year ago, we moved into a new house closer to where our kids are in school while keeping our original house for the summer. This presented a unique challenge in that we needed to furnish our new house on a shoestring. We were able to bring a small amount of furniture with us, but we didn’t have much to bring! We had mattresses and bed frames for everyone, 2 smaller couches, 4 tub chairs, Other than that, we had many empty rooms to fill and none of them were painted in a light tolerable neutral.

So here’s my list boiled down…

  1. Paint to clean and brighten up the space
  2. Layer area rugs to anchor the space & make it inviting
  3. Transform existing furniture into something fresh and modern
  4. Create large simple original artwork as well as curate a gallery wall
  5. Make your own throw pillows
  6. Fill spaces with house plants
  7. Decorate with books
  8. Brighten up a room with a large round mirror

I will be breaking this down in to multiple blog posts over the next couple of weeks, but here is the overview to get you started!