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Fort Revere Family Shoot

Slowly making my way through my holiday editing! Here are some of the images I am editing for a coffee table book!

I absolutely loved this shoot of  Jen, Dave, Maya & Zade. Jen did such a great job styling her family for the shoot. There is so much that goes into taking a family shoot from good to spectacular and a lot of it is about putting together a particular look with the clothing and accessories. I love to collaborate with my subjects on their attire. I think it is really important to select clothing that everyone will feel comfortable in. My obsession with Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear leaves me constantly quoting “it needs to GO not MATCH.” Jen nailed it here!

I love shooting in run down abandoned areas. The more graffiti, the better. I know we live in a beautiful coastal area with so many gorgeous scenic locations, but I love the vibrant colors, windows and doorways the fort provides.