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Katie’s Crew.

A few months back I got a message from my old friend, Katie, asking if I might be able to capture her growing family over the 4th of July while she was up visiting from DC. Katie and I had fun back and forth planning the shoot via text & I was so happy to finally see her and her beautiful family, even if it was 6:30 am on the morning after my cousin’s wedding!

Shannon is such a natural in front of the lens. She had her poses down! She even knows how to sit like a princess?! Who knew there was such a thing?? Not this mother of 3 boys! That’s one I will file away for the next shoot. Poor Brian was cutting a tooth (come to find out the next day) but thank the Lord for all the balls around because he was laser focused once he had one in sight.

Katie ~ thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful family. I loved spending time with you guys!