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{Moxie} the Frenchie!

Meet Moxie. She is a 4 year old Frenchie from Manhattan. Her dad, Alex, found me on Instagram and wrote to me asking if I might take photos of his pup to surprise his fiancé for their wedding.

Unfortunately, in a horrible turn of events, their wedding venue closed without warning and took their full deposit with them. They were left with no place to celebrate their special day & they had to scramble to find funds and a new venue. What an awesome fiancé to drive all the way from Manhattan to Boston to meet me for the shoot. What an awesome thing to do what bride wouldn’t want pictures of her first born as a wedding gift!?!?!? 

Alex is self proclaimed “horrible at surprises” and despite the fact that his fiancé, Maggie and I are now Facebook friends and she has seen a few outtakes from the shoot, I think that she will LOVE what we have put together for her and she will certainly be thrilled!

To learn more about how you can help Alex and Maggie piece their wedding back together, click here! We wish them all the best! xo