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{WorkStation} Work, your way. Co-working space in Cohasset, MA.

I had the privilege of doing some work for WorkStation, a new co-working space on the South Shore of Massachusetts. The concept of co-working makes perfect sense and I am shocked that this is just happening now. Why didn’t anyone think of this 20 years ago? Shared office space for small businesses or individuals who work remotely. Rather than a home office or renting a small space and working alone, you can pay a monthly membership or purchase a day pass to use their space! They have private individual designated offices that lock, which you can rent permanently and keep as your own. There are private offices and conference rooms that you can rent on an as needed basis, as well as private quiet stalls with doors for private phone conversations. There is a great kitchen area with high end coffee, comfortable couches, and bright sunny cubes.

Entrepreneurs, Rick and Joy Schiffmann, are a perfect match for this endeavor. Rick has a background in business development and marketing, while Joy is an interior designer. As you can see from the photos, the space is perfect. Modern, bright, comfortable and open with any possible combination of seating or space one might need throughout the work day. Of course they have all the amenities such as high speed internet, fancy corporate phones, wifi, etc. Located adjacent to the Cohasset Commuter Rail station and next to South Shore Athletic Club, there isn’t really much they haven’t got covered.

Check out their WEBSITE (which will be updated soon with all of these images) for more information on how you can productively work close to home in a space that isn’t littered with toys, crying babies, napping babies, loud toddlers, cranky teens, or barking dogs – without all of the hassle and overhead of renting an office!