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French Bulldog Love…

I take a lot of pictures. I like to photograph a wide variety of things. My interests include street photography, interior design, products, head shots, portraits, half faces and everything in between. The thing I might like to capture most is dogs – especially French Bulldogs, of which I have two.

Back in April, after much negotiation and deliberation we finally decided that it was time to get another puppy. I had a BIG birthday coming up, and like any almost 40 year old, I had a birthday list. It wasn’t a long list… just one thing – a PUPPY! Of course not just any puppy would do. I wanted a French Bulldog. I had to have one. I need a snorting, snoring, sniffling bat eared super dog. After a TON of research & a convenient recent purchase of one buy our friends over at Pattison Photography, we decided to take the plunge.

The best thing about designer dog shopping these days is that you can order one up online! We had several friends who had bought their Frenchies via, so we hopped online and started dog shopping. So many puppies to chose from! My husband fell in love with a little cream one named “Patience.” After a weekend of online puppy browsing, he emailed me the link to her profile as soon as he arrived at his desk on Monday morning. No sooner did he click send, he jumped into a meeting. By the time he was out of his meeting, I had bought “Patience” and scheduled her arrival from Texas into TF Greene for the next Saturday! Buying the puppy was really no different than ordering a pair of shoes from Zappos. Point. Click. Buy! Genius.

“Patience” was quickly renamed Chloe. (Patience was a hilarious name for a dog, in my opinion – specifically a dog of mine. I do not have a patient bone in my body.) Chloe joined our family on Easter Saturday & as soon as we had her we knew that one Frenchie would not be enough. Within 4 short weeks, I had made another online dog purchase. Frenchies are like potato chips. You can’t just have one. “Brody” a.k.a Charlie, our little boy from Alabama, arrived just 5 weeks after Chloe.

For those of you who don’t follow their Instagram feed, here are some of my favorite Frenchie pictures….Happy browsing & don’t blame me if you accidentally buy a Frenchie late night. It happens.

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