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Party of Five

I had so much fun with Lexy (and her sister Sydney) at her senior portrait session, that her mom decided that she wanted the whole clan to pose for me! I LOVE to shoot teenage girls ~ they are the antithesis of all things Farber. My life consists of tween boys. Smelly, hungry,video gaming boys. Teenage girls are new and fresh for me. They like fashion and lip gloss! This family is the perfect combo of things I love to photograph and things I am familiar photographing. So when Laura (their mom) asked, “Do you think you are better off WITH me or WITHOUT me?” The answer was most definitely “WITHOUT!” (no offense, Laura).

We woke up to rain on the morning of the shoot and after a few texts, we decided to reschedule. Then I hopped in my car and headed out for my coffee & saw the sun peeking through the clouds with the slick wet roads & I thought that it might be cool to try it in the street. 30 minutes later, there we were in the middle of our street. We then moved to the woods behind their house to take a few more shots. The girls were obviously more into it than the boys, but since their mom wasn’t around, I was able to get the boys attention by saying some unexpected things that got them to burst out laughing…

After the family shots, I headed off to the farm with Sydney to have a little more girl time. We had a blast.

Thank you Laura for a fun morning with your crew! We definitely had some laughs! I couldn’t help but include my “test shot” at the end of the blog post. It made me laugh so hard that I can’t help but share it. I’m pretty sure it sums up how most teens feel about a “family photo shoot.”