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{Joshua & Caleb} a moment in time.

Meet Joshua and Caleb ~ two beautiful boys who are full of energy. Their mom, Kathy, asked if I would shoot them down on Sandy Cove. She said she had a friend there who would let us park and use the beach. Even more convenient…my parents live there! We can park at their house & recruit my mom to be my photo assistant for the shoot! The boys had come straight from school, where belts and tucked in shirts are a requirement. You will notice that they had a few costume changes along the route! The boys had a blast exploring the beach, skipping rocks, & playing in the tide pools. Kathy wondered if they should take off the massive stacks of Rainbow Loom bracelets for the shoot…I told her it was her call, but I love to capture a moment in time. At this moment, in the fall of 2013, Rainbow Loom is all the rage. When I look at these images, it’s the yanked up striped socks, the bandaid on the skinned knee & the Rainbow Loom bracelets that make me smile. A moment in time…October 2013.

2013-10-15_00012013-10-15_00022013-10-15_00032013-10-15_00042013-10-15_00052013-10-15_00062013-10-15_00072013-10-15_00082013-10-15_00092013-10-15_00102013-10-15_00112013-10-15_00122013-10-15_00132013-10-15_00142013-10-15_00152013-10-15_00162013-10-15_00172013-10-15_00182013-10-15_00192013-10-15_00202013-10-15_00212013-10-15_00222013-10-15_0023Thank you Kathy, Joshua & Caleb for the fun afternoon! There are a few more awesome images from the shoot, but you will have to wait for the Christmas Card to see them!