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{Micaela} Senior Portraits

Micaela is a super busy senior. Her soccer schedule is so crazy that we had to do her shoot at 7am on a Sunday. Anyone who knows me well is probably laughing. I am SO not a morning person. Micaela is the oldest of 6. She has siblings that are in class with a couple of my boys, but we had never met. So there I am at her doorstep at 7am, meeting her for the first time. We bonded over our lack of caffeine and our desire to go back to bed – with that we were off and running…

I KNEW the minute she put on that blue shirt, that we would have something amazing, but it wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the images that my jaw hit the floor. Micaela has such a unique look and a quiet confidence about her. I could stare into those blue eyes all day…2013-09-26_00022013-09-26_00032013-09-26_00142013-09-26_00132013-09-26_00122013-09-26_00112013-09-26_00092013-09-26_00082013-09-26_00072013-09-26_00062013-09-26_00052013-09-26_0010