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“The most important work you will ever do will be done within the walls of your own home.” ~ Harold B. Lee

After a year long renovation or her family home, Deanna approached me to make a coffee table book of the process. She wanted to capture each detail with all of the thought and love that went into making the house that she grew up in a home for her own family of five.

It was a huge project that involved the restoration of many original fixtures from the home including the big beautiful glass front door, an old soapstone sink which her husband spent weeks stripping away layers and layers of paint to bring it back to its original form, and a beautiful glass chandelier which was hung in the heart of the original house all through her childhood was kept and incorporated into their new dining room as a focal point.

Deanna is a cook and caterer by trade with impeccable taste, and an amazing eye for design. Her home reflects her heritage with pieces from Lebanon, her father’s homeland, mixed in with modern and updated pieces that reflect her passion for for delicious food, good wine, friends, and family.

The creation of the book was an organic process which originated as a birthday gift for her husband, Greg. Deanna wanted to thank him for the year they spent together devoted to restoring her family home into a home for their own family. The concept of the book evolved as we spent hours talking and collaborating in her beautiful new kitchen. Initially, she wanted just shots of the finished product, but as we moved through the rooms, capturing each one with all its detail, the book seemed to come together. We realized that a structure can be captured room by room showcasing the design, but this is a home. A home is about history, emotions and memories. It’s about the people who dwell there and how they move through the space, creating the stories and memories that compose their history. With that, we decided to capture her family (three children and 2 golden retrievers) in the house, freezing a moment in time. Knowing that some day they will sit down with this book and show their own children the house where generations of memories were made…





This process has been a true labor of love…

From the beginning, we questioned its grand scope. Along the way, there were times that we weren’t so sure we wanted to take this old home and its renovation on. Having just lost my mum, I was filled with sadness and kept wondering how I was going to live in this house? “I can’t. I just can’t. I’m going to feel my mum in every room.” As I repeatedly said this out loud, it began to click and there was no longer fear and dred but a rush of peace and comfort came through me.


And so it began. The renovation took just under one year and although there were a few bumps in the road, it ran pretty smoothly. I learned a lot about contractors, tradesmen, and patience. I think they learned a lot about Greg and me, too! These were the people who we saw and chatted with on a daily basis. I thanked them wholeheartedly.

I have an incredible amount of gratitude to be able to raise my family in the house I grew up in. I thank my warm, wonderful and determined husband for making these dreams a reality. As the house was knocked down, was rebuilt and became a home ~ it all came full circle and in my grieving process, I did too…


~Deanna Boyle