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{Cailey} and Trish & Molly…Senior Portraits

I love it when I book a senior shoot and they want to bring a friend or a sibling or a parent or in this case, a friend and a mom! I have known Trish, Cailey’s mom, forever. Cailey’s dad grew up behind me and his sisters used to babysit for me. When my husband and I first moved back to town after living in Australia, we bought the house right next door to Trish and Cailey. That was over 12 years ago. Needless to say, I have watched Cailey grow (and grow and grow) so it was so fun to be able to capture her for her senior portrait. She also brought along her friend, Molly (whose mother also grew up diagonally across the street from me – small town).

We had fun down on the harbor & then headed down to Sandy Cove – the small private beach where I grew up with Cailey’s dad and Molly’s mom. Many of my clients want to shoot down on Sandy Cove and it is easy for me because I can park at my parents house (private beach – parking is limited to residents only). But this was different. It wasn’t just a beautiful setting on a gorgeous night. It was a walk down a sandy path that we had all done countless times as children and throughout our lives. We all knew each twist and turn, and as we walked down in silence preparing for the shoot, it just all felt so perfect.