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Boys of summer…

Spending the summer in Cohasset is one of the biggest privileges a kid in this town can get, although most of us don’t realize what a gift those summers are until we are shipped off to some place like…say…Clinton, NY at the age of 18 (just off the top of my head). Only when we leave, do we realize how amazing this place is in the summer.


This summer, I have had the opportunity to capture a lot people doing what they love in this beautiful town. In this case, I met up with these guys down at the Sailing Club docks. They brought a couple of boards and jumped in the harbor. Hopefully these images will help them remember how awesome this place is in the summer. Or maybe I just need a little road trip up to the Mowhawk Valley to shoot a bunch of kids cow tipping in a hot dry field to show these kids how great they have it!