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I have been a little busy over the past few weeks working on a very cool project with a fellow Nobles grad, Tiffany Swan Markoski. Thanks to Facebook, Tiffany was able to see my photography and she contacted me to help her with a project with a house that she will be listing with her agency in Osterville next week! We have been busy collaborating to create a coffee table book that will be handed out to¬†prospective¬†buyers. What a cool idea for a high end listing! I have been in heaven combining my love of photography and design with trips to Homegoods and Chris McGinty’s basement for staging items (stay tuned for Chris’ amazing design biz launch). Tiffany and I have worked seamlessly together to get this book to print – and we are nearing the finish line! In the mean time, here’s another teaser from the project!

IMG_6360 IMG_6296 IMG_6283