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A week in pictures…

Old camera/new camera! This week, the opportunity presented itself for me to sell my Canon 6D to a friend who is moving her family to India for the next 2-3 years. She was looking for a great camera to capture their time there & hopefully share with us the colors and flavors of India through the blog that she and her husband have started. While I didn’t have that camera long, it served me well and I loved it!

Yesterday my new baby arrived. The 5D mark iii. Wow. She is incredible. I haven’t had much time to play around with her, but all in due time! Tonight I thought I’d share my last few images with the 6D and my first image shot with the 5D mark iii.

These are my favorite images from last week shot with the 6D. Kids at  A magical 5th birthday party, Sam’s friend at a lacrosse jamboree, a trip to the farm in the rain, and a bath for the pup. The last image is the first I took with my new camera…summer is coming! I can feel it. Go Bruins!